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Trends in custom made bookcases

Trends in custom made bookcases

Happy new year for 2015! After not placing blogs for a while we are back with fresh intentions for 2015. We hope you spend a lot of time in and on your interior. This is your domain and you should feel good here.

To refresh the memories we start this year with a small blog on our most favourite product: custom made bookcases and libraries. This is the crown jewel in the interior!
What are the latest trends and developments? 

Classic custom made bookcases and libraries

To be honest we have to agree that the classic models in custom sized bookcases are still very popular. Those bookshelves always fit in with classic houses and classic interiors and they give a warm feeling to your classic house and interior. A trend in classic bookcases is to integrate the TV through special lift or sliding systems into the bookcase. We see another trend in the finishing and the colors of the classic bookcases. More often we finish the bookshelves in a mat chalk paint. Examples are Farrow and Ball and Painting the Past. Furthermore we see more challenging colors and color combinations. For example we often use classic green for bookcases or we paint the backwall in a sharp color as was very common in the middle ages and later. For example red, green, pink and orange were used as background for the backwall in more classical and traditional models.

Another trend is to really 100% combine the elements of the bookcase with the classic interior. This means that all door profiles, crown lists and plinths are exactly copied from the house and integrated in the bookcase. Sometimes we combine a fully sprayed or painted bookcase with a wooden ladder. This gives a fun twist to the design. Besides we always play with the divisions of the bookcases, smaller and wider parts are combined and integrated as well as doors and drawer blocks. It makes the cupboard or bookcase less strict in the outlook. 

Examples are also to be seen on our website: www.oock.nl

Did you know that we serve a lot of expat clients here in Amsterdam and Den Haag with our custom made kitchens, furniture cabinets and interior design?

Modern Bookcases: trends

Before the modern bookcases were often a strictly and equally divided and white colored. Still we design this types of bookcases but in the modern designs there are a lot of trends going on. Often we are combining a lot of different elements in the modern design of the bookcase:

Colorish and playful designs

A real trend is to divide the bookshelves in unequal parts to create differently (shaped) elements in the bookcase. Those parts can get a different color, can be closed (or open other way around) in a fully open bookcase or we make those parts in a different material like natural wood. A combination of those elements give a surprisingly playfull effect to you custom made designed bookshelves and includes natural elements like nut-wood. This is important because a totally white bookcase can come across a bit clinical.

Within this design it is important to vary in the sizes of the different parts and to use different thicknesses of the shelves and dividers. In this way we create horizontal and vertical parts in the bookcases. Of course those elements we can also integrate in the white modern bookcase. Do not forget that the books will give a lot of color to the bookshelves.

Focus on horizontal parts and continuous lines in the bookcase.

Another trend is the use of shapes. There are totally out of the box designs but we lately focus on the horizontal lining. For example in one of the pictures we have made thicker horizontal parts in the bookcase. The effect is that from a viewpoint in the room you can imagine just shelving on the wall instead of a real bookcase. The idea behind this effect is that there is less focus on the bookcase of cupboard but there is more focus on the shelves as just a support for the books. Of course in this models you can also integrate bottom doors like you see on the pictures. We always encourage our readers and clients to take a look yourselves or give us feedback. Your can always contact us via www.oock.nl .  

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