woensdag 11 april 2012

Eigen Huis Verbouwing + Inrichtingen | Dream House Fair

Two weeks ago we had the pleasure of being a part of a house rebuilding and design fair (Eigen Huis Verbouwing + Inrichtingen), which took place in Utrecht, at Jaarbeurs. We set up our stand within a few hours, which was quite impressive. We proudly presented our new double sided ensuite, a wardrobe and other custom made furniture pieces. During the three days of fair, we got to promote OOCK and talk about our furniture love for quality and beauty of their appearance.  It was a great experience, to see so many interested people asking us questions and complementing our work.

After the busy preparation for the fair and the actual fair days, we can now wind down a little bit and focus on new, inspiring projects. Some of them are of those who visited us at the fair, which I believe is a result of us presenting ourselves pretty well ;)

What do you think of our stand?

Kate xx

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